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A Family’s Life Turned Around

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Webb Ministries A Story of success

Webb Ministries was birthed in the core of Rev. Scott Webb quite a long while prior in light of a powerful urge to encourage ministers and houses of worship. In the wake of pastoring for a long time, much was planted into his and Phyllis’ hearts that is currently being bestowed into ministers and priests all through the world.

In the wake of going to Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Scott and Phyllis Webb moved back to the place where they grew up of Birmingham, Alabama, to pioneer a Spirit-filled, Word of Faith church that lectured the good news of Jesus Christ without trade off.

Week after week as the Word was being lectured, confidence was ascending in the lives and hearts of their congregation, and in 1987, they moved into an extensive expanding on what local people called “the Parkway.” truth be told, it was in this working amid a recovery occurring in the city where Scott Webb surrendered his life over to the Lord and wholeheartedly addressed the call of God on his life.

When looking for the Lord about the buy of this property, the Lord talked plainly to him this verse: Haggai 2:9—Theglory of this last house might be more prominent than of the previous, saith the Lord of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the Lord of hosts.

Genuinely that is what happened. Such notables as Kenneth E. Hagin, Lester Sumrall, Kenneth Copeland, Billye Brim, Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis, Ed and Nancy Dufresne, Mac Gober, Vicki Jamison-Peterson, Roy and Margaret Hicks, Marilyn Hickey, Jerry and Marilyn O’Dell, and Christopher Alam directed effective gatherings there.

Amid their times of pastoring, there were seasons when they would hold gatherings for a considerable length of time at once. Much impartation was set aside a few minutes, and numerous lives were blessed. Their church ended up known as one where marvels occurred—both mending and budgetary supernatural occurrences. One clergyman would call it the “make-up” chapel since he realized that when he served at Scott Webb’s congregation, it would help get him up monetarily.

In the midst of the considerable number of marvels and declarations that occurred, there was one territory of service that kept them coming, and that was supplication, driven by Phyllis Webb. With the assistance of the Holy Spirit, she built up a petition service for their congregation that truly contacted the nations. Through their sincere, genuine, proceeded with supplication, awesome power was made accessile, and accordingly, numerous families and lives were changed.

Amid one of the circumstances that Kenneth E. Hagin was serving in Birmingham, Scott solicited, “Father, I hear a considerable measure from individuals forecasting about what God will do in these last days, yet what do you see for these last days?” Brother Hagin benevolently answered, “What God needs to do in these last days is fabricate solid nearby houses of worship that will lecture the Word and move with the Spirit.”

Those words as yet ring in Scott’s and Phyllis’ hearts. Today they are cooperating with Pastor Chris Pilkerton in Chelsea, Alabama where they are building a solid nearby church that lectures the Word and moves with the Spirit!

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